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RTC-200 Rotator Control Interface


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RTC-200 Yaesu Rotator Control Interface for YAESU antenna rotators

RTC-200 implements software control of various models of Yaesu antenna rotators from a personal computer via USB port or Bluetooth wireless.  It is compatible with Yaesu GS-232B interface protocol.

This interface is between computer and Yaesu rotator control unit. User could use rotator control software to control Yaesu rotator.

List of support Yaesu antenna rotator:

G-400, G-500, G-550, G-800, G-1000, G-2800, G-5400, G-5500, G-5600
Any rotator supports Yaesu GS-232B protocol.


74(W)x29(H)x102(D) mm


170 g


8-15VDC, approx. 50mA

Computer port:

USB interface

Rotator port:

MINI-DIN 6 (supplied cable for azimuth rotator)
DIN 8 (Optional cable for Azimuth and Elevation combined rotator)

Support command:

C, C2
O, F, O2, F2
L, R
X1, X2


RTC-200 user manual Link
RTC-200 client configuration software download. Link