GW-1000 APRS Total Solution


CG-3000 Automatic Antenna Tuner


CTU Tuner Control Unit


SB-2000 MK2 USB Radio Interface


Accessory cable for SB-2000 MK2


PW-100 DC Power Distributor


PK-4 CW Auto Memory Keyer


RTC-200 Rotator Control Interface


QRP Balun


FS01 PTT Foot Switch


FS02 PTT Foot Switch


Fiberglass Antenna Mast

GW-1000 APRS Total Solution

This stand-alone unit is all-in-one solution for APRS operation. It supports iGate, Digipeater, Weather station, Telemetry and KISS. It is the most quickest and easiest way to implement the APRS.


Relay the APRS data from radio network to the APRS-IS network. Receiving the APRS-IS messages and forward to radio network. GW-1000 has one Ethernet port to connect to Internet via your router.

Relay the APRS data frame to expand APRS coverage.

Weather station report
Support native weather station or third party weather station by PeetBros data format.

By connecting to the extended telemetry module, you can monitor remote status.

Bluetooth (optional)
With the optional Bluetooth kit installed, you could connect the GW-1000 to computer, tablet or smartphone.

Any packet program supports KISS protocol can use it as a TNC via Bluetooth connection.

NMEA support
The coordinate of APRS stations received over APRS-IS or APRS-RF network can be past to a plotter or NMEA support device via Bluetooth connection.

GW-1000 user manual Link
GW-1000 client configuration software, firmware and others download Link


*** Please switch off repeating pack from IS to RF

There is a software bug in this function. Please switch it off until the new firmware release. If you want to know how to update the firmware. Please contact us.